Windsocks & Frames

windsock kit


L. W. Spiro's Windsock-it is a small, portable, calibrated windsock for determining accurate wind speed and direction in almost any location...more info

small windsock kit

Windsock-It Replacement Windsock

Small 6.5" X 27" replacement windsock for Windsock-it. Keep your Windsock-It in tip top shape with this brilliant orange replacement sock..more info

large airport frame

Large Airport Frame

Our large airport windsock frame measures 18” at the throat and is designed to extend into the body of a large windsock a full 24” to hold the windsock open and ready to receive airflow...more info

large swivel assembly

Replacement Swivel

Replacement swivel assembly for large airport frame comes with all the hardware you need to extend the life of our legacy products...more info

large windsock kit

Large Windsock Kit

Save $15 when you order our large frame and FAA #1 windsock as a kit..more info

large windsock collage

FAA #1 Replacement Windsock

L. W. Spiro’s FAA #1 calibrated windsocks are manufactured to the FAA’s specifications outlined in AC 150/5345-27D. Measuring 18” X 96” our large airport windsock is designed to be fully extended at wind speeds of 15 knots (17 mph) or greater...more info