Padded control surface lock for flaps, ailerons, elevators and rudders


The PAD-LOK by L W Spiro is a padded control surface lock that secures flaps, ailerons, elevators or rudder quickly, simply and safely!  The soft foam pads compress to surface configuration and won’t damage the aircraft's surface or finish.  The bright red UV resistant DayGlo polycarbonate disc won't fade, chip, or absorb water to ensure years of service under normal conditions.

The highly-visible bright red discs and vinyl coated orange nylon streamer stand out against the aircraft's surface as a reminder to the pilot of the need to remove the control surface lock during pre-flight safety inspections.

The PAD-LOK padded control surface lock measures approximately 4.25 inches in diameter by 1.25 inches thick and weighs about 3 ounces.

CATALOG #113 - $21.95 each

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