Aircraft Engine Intake Cover

Protects and covers air intake openings.

engine cover

This engine intake cover is designed to protect and cover the air intake openings on most general aviation aircraft including singles, twins and home-builts. It affords protection against nesting birds, snow, dust and blowing debris. The cover will accommodate different angles, curves and sizes of engine cowls and air intake configurations by a simple Velcro adjustment.

Fits a lot of older aircraft that were up unable to be fitted with the older and outdated types of protection. Constructed of a lightweight fire retardant mesh material-approved by California State Fire Marshal. Material allows immediate covering following engine shutdown. This cover will not melt or blister like older plugs. Ships complete with installation hardware and two "Remove Before Starting" engine streamers.

Note: Installation requires two small holes being drilled on the side of the engine cowl to install the snap buttons that securely hold the engine cover in place.

CATALOG #131 - $59.95 each

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