Wing Tip Illuminator

C-Lite wing tip illuminator

The C-LITE lets the pilot see at a glance if their navigaiton lights are shining. They are great for taxiing at night and verifying the exact location of the aircraft's wing tips. The C-LITE is designed to fit most aircraft including those with thick-wings, high-wings, and low-wings.

The C-LITE easily installs in approxiimately five minutes with only a screwdriver and there is no need to disconnect the lights. The C-LITE was designed for use with Grimes #A-1285 and #B-6345 navigation lights so they fit most small aircraft. The C-LITE is made of a highly-durable, high-impact polycarbonate to ensure years of reliable service.

CATALOG #111 - $9.95 / Pair

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