Large Airport Style Windsock Frame

A perfect fit of our 18" X 96" FAA #1 Windsock

large windsock frame

Our large airport windsock frame measures 18” at the throat and is designed to extend into the body of a large windsock a full 24” to hold the windsock open and ready to receive airflow. The frame body is constructed of lightweight aluminum to ensure years of service with a minimum of corrosion due to exposure to the elements.

The large swivel and wishbone construction of this frame ensures sensitivity to winds as slight as 3 mph and the 3/4” pipe thread swivel easily mounts to a standard 3/4” pipe coupling or bell reducer.

Our large FAA #1 windsock is a perfect fit for this frame and the combination can be ordered as a kit to save on shipping costs.

CATALOG #124 - $120.00 each

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